The Future is Now

One of the first ideas I thought of was to adjust the timeline of our Gamma World campaign to allow us to play ourselves. The rulebook places the Big Mistake in 2012 (which is funny in itself), but the games take place generations after the event which changed the world. I am more interested in giving the players the choice of running themselves in the mixed up world. In the past these sorts of games have had some appeal.

Gamma World generally comes about because an event pulls multiple timelines or dimensions into a convergence. Some of the world is similar to what we now view as reality, but for the most part it is an unfamiliar dangerous world which has exploded literally overnight into being. What is left of Hampton Roads has changed. Things which resisted change were consumed. In an instant people were faced with madness, uber-tech, mutation, and chaos. Out of this upheaval, heroes rose to the occasion. They were the folks who were able to adapt quickly and survive among the ruins.

Gamma Hampton